Our main product is the Master Nut Cracker, we also sell nuts in season. Our main crop is black walnuts but generally have a good supply of hickory nuts. All nuts are of improved varieties, meaning they have been selected for their outstanding traits, such  as, ease of cracking, kernel percentage, production, quality of the kernel etc...Black walnuts are generally sold by variety, hickory nuts either shag, shell, or mixed.
The current model of the Master Nut Cracker is $75,00 plus actual UPS or FEDEX shipping, get pricing or email with city and zip and I will get for you. Need telephone number for FEDEX shipping.They may be picked up at either location at no extra cost. Also if more than one is ordered shipped to the same location I only charge the actual UPS shipping charge. A few select black walnut boards are available, add $5.00 and specify.
Black Walnuts are $.60 per pound  in orders over 20 pounds, less than that $.75 per pound. Shipping extra but they may be picked up at either of our locations. Hickory nuts are priced as follows: Shagbark $2.00 per pound, Shellbark $1.25, mixed $1.50. New crop black walnuts will be ready about 15 October, Hickory nuts about 1 October.   
  Beginning with the 2014 nut crop, black walnut prices will increase as follows; 20 pounds of less, .90 cents per pound, over 20 pounds .75 per pound. This is still less than Hammons pays for improved nuts of good quality.


WARNING: Be aware of the imitation "Master Nut Cracker" There are many vendors selling the so called "DUKE" black walnut cracker which is an exact copy except for shoddy construction. In 1999 or 2000 the Duke's of West Point Mississippi obtained one of my Master Nut Crackers and sent it to China for duplication, they did however remove my name. At last count there were 17 for sale on Ebay. Remember you get what you pay for. What I have considered is doing exactly what the Duke's have been doing for many years, that is take my product to another country where labor is dirt cheap, even with shipping charges I could sell a quality nut cracker at least 20 percent less than the poor quality "DUKE" and still make a good profit. I have just not been able to force myself into such a position,  I spent months in harmsway patrolling the Formosa straits,  Matsu and Qumoy Islands under the guns of the Chinese to surrender to such temptation.
The best hand nut cracker made
To order send check or money order to the address listed in the contact section. PayPal also accepted but a transfer charge will be added. All orders shipped UPS unless otherwise specified. Make checks out to: Gerald Gardner
Scionwood or grafting scions are available in limited varieties and quanity. My trees are getting too large to obtain quality grafting material from except some of the more popular varieties such as Neel black walnut, Osage and Kanza pecan and several of the extra good hickories.
Just came upon another interesting item on the "DUKE"www.yardlovers.comis now selling it and they now give instructions on use and care. Almost a word for word on my instructions. They have added the notation to keep the top gear lubricated with "white" grease or beeswax, my idea. For many years they had no instructions and shipped dry. They are missing one important feature which causes many failures. They need to purchase a few of the new ones and carefully examine, maybe can find the problem.
We are in the process of making a new pattern board for the top gears. I will specify they be cast in ALMAG which has a self lubricating property. That should eliminate the problem of keeping the top gear lubricated to prevent chaffing.
UPDATE; New pattern delivered to foundery, they no longer will cast ALMAG so that is out unless I go to another foundry. Suggested that we try alumium 360, an alloy which is much harder and heat treated. There was not too much trouble with the old top gear but I wanted to eliminate any. New special top gears should be available about 15 June 2011.
2013 crop looks pretty good considering the drougth of 2012. May be very selective in harvesting just the best nuts. Probably Football, Neel, Sparrow, and Emma K. Age is catching up and hired help is unreliable.