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The best hand nut cracker made
The Master Nut Cracker mounted on a black walnut board, this is exactly what you get including the nuts. Mounting boards could be a number of woods such as sassafrass, red cedar, oak, cherry or other woods that the local saw mill might have.
This is the "DUKE" copy. I found it in a flea market in Cassville Missouri, price 75.00
In my opinion it is a piece of junk. Nothing fits right, the holes are oversize and sloppy, the threads are sloppy. I though this was the improved version, after all the previous problems. I think this one is even worse the the first attempt at copying it. They did put a label on the top gear indicating to keep it lubricated.

 I revisited the flea market in Cassville yesterday. They still have the "DUKE" for sale. After carefully examining "The Piece of Junk" I notice they have in fact changed the symbols on the nut cracker with a pair of "puny", I think pecans. Crack 100 pounds of native black walnuts and it will be shot.

On purpose, I designed the nut cracker to make it very difficult to copy. Evidently it has been successful even though they are selling thousands to unsuspecting people. I did anticipate someone would imitate the design and had no problem with that but it really did ruffle my feathers when they made the impression directly from my machine and to make it worse they had it done in China with slave labor.
Made in the united states of America with American or Canadian made parts
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