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the best hand nut cracker made 
Master Nut Cracker mounted on a sassafras board. This is exactly what you get including the nuts.
It all started in 1964 when we purchased this 20 acre brush pile, sight unseen. We were stationed in Morocco when the property came up in a fire sale. Upon return to the states and while stationed at Great Lakes Illinois we started the clean-up, planting trees and doing a limited amount of grafting to the nut trees that were already here. Not much progress was made until I retired from the US Navy in 1972. 
After a few year the trees started producing many more nuts that we could use. We attempted to sell them and did sell some but most said they would buy if there was a good nut cracker to use. I sold the "Easy Cracker", made in Coffeeville Kansas until they went bankrupt. I then started designing the "Master Nut Cracker" I used several of the best features of nut crackers I had used in the past, including the Easy Cracker and the Potter made in Sulupulpa Oklahoma, both having, in my opinion, several flaws for quick, easy, and simple operation. It took almost 3 years of trial and error before the first operational nut cracker was produced. The first model was hand cast in pot metal in my backyard foundry. After considerable testing it was decided to get more professional. I employed a so called professional pattern maker in Verona Missouri to made the first pattern for casting. He screwed it up so bad that the few nut crackers made were never sold. I then took a US Navy training course in pattern making and made my own pattern which is still in use today. 
Progress continues to be made to improve the quality of the nut cracker. Recently a professional machine shop has been contracted to make several of the metal parts. thay are doing an outstanding job, again, I have had the experience dealing with incompetence, I employed a so called machine shop to make some of the metal parts, those made were unusable, a loss of several thousand dollars.. A building has been purchased as a place to assemble and ship the nut cracker. I hope to fill orders in a more timely manner as well as compete with the Chinese "knock off". 
SELECTED COMMENTS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS. It is comments like these that keep us going, otherwise would have given up years ago.

Received your Master Nutcracker a few days ago and just wanted to pas on a few of my thoughts. First of all, your invention has far surpassed all of my expectations. For the first time in all my years cracking black walnuts, I have been able to get complete one half section of the meat from the shell and did so many times. I have come so close to getting it all out of the shell in one piece which truly amazes me. I can now sit at my desk in the garage cracking and sorting which at my age is a blessing. My time in accomplishing this yearly task has been reduced greatly. There have been things that I have purchased in my life time that the workmanship had made me question how long it will last....this is not the case in  your nut cracker. You have put a lot of thought and time in it. It is nice knowing an American h as been able to invent such a masterpiece. I can now retire the hammer, brick, vice, arbor press, and the assortmennt of other tools I have used in the past just to break a, BLACK WALNUT. If you could answer a question for me please. With the nut cracker cam a small bag containing the cleanest blond color walnujt I have ever seen. How to you accomplish this?. 11/24/13

 I am interested in purchasing a Master Nutr Cracker, Live in XXXXX Mo.......My father-in-law has one he purchased at the Mo State Fair years ago.....He swears it is the only one to have...R 10/12/12

 I received my nut cracker today. It is just what I was hoping it would be, a high quality american made product. I cracked a few black walnuts and am amazed at the big chucks that came out of the shell. I can't wait until harvest next fall. 01/30.2012

 We love3 our Walnut cracker and are ordering one for a neighbor  no date

 This is our second one, the first one we gave to my mother-in-law and we keep borrowing it!. We love it!
no date

 Thank you for the crackers and nuts. 20 years ago the cracker was very good. Now I think its a lot better. 01/08/2012

 I am interested in ordering a nut cracker. Have been using my brother-in-laws and it works great.

 Would like to order a Master Nut Cracker for my dad and mom. The nut cracker we bought from you in 2005 is still fabulous. I have to loan it out to friends to get their job done! Mom ad Dad need their own, in my opinion.  10/27/2011

After seeing my new Master Nut Cracker, both my parents and my brother would like one. 10/25/2011

 Purchased a nut cracker from you several years ago and my dad loves it. He loves it so much he wore out the top gear(turned it once, wore out that side too). Could I get a replacement with 2 screws?

 Just wanted ot let you know that I received your nut cracker and it is as good as yhou described. Even my wife canuse it to crack black walnuts and thinks it is the best thing since "light Bread" 12/25/2011

 We received the nut cracker and I spent 2 days cracking nuts with arthritis hands but did not have any problems. Wonderful invention and will enjoy using it. We woujld like to know how you get your walnuts so clean. 11/09/2013

 I am pleased to say that the trree nut crackers arrived safely and are is use. We have found them to be very effective, easy to operate, accept all sizes of nutdd and usuallyu produce whole kernels.

WE received out Master Nutcracker last week and gave it to my huysbad as a gift this weekend. He loves it. He has been cracking those pesky macadamia nuts like a pro and we are finally done with hammmers, wood blacks and hand crackers.Thanks for your wonderful invention! 05/05/2013

My walnut cracker arrived yesterday and we tried it out on the walnuts you sent along with it. Wow. What a great cracker! My 88 year old Dad is visiting with us and he was quite taken with it also. Since he has access to walnuts at his house I would like to order one for him. 11/01/2013

My daughter just received a Master Nut Cracker from you and reallyu like it. I would like to order three(3) of them for myself and my other two daughters with the walnut boards. 02/09/2013

Our daughter gave me one of your great nut crackers last Christmas and I'd like to order one for my brother in Seattle. He's a tool guy and will love it. Ane he's also very used to big sister of his almost 60 years always being late, so there's no crises thinging of getting it delivered by Christmas day if you are super busy. 12/17/2012

I just wanted to tell you how deighted my son is with the nutcracker. He called me at work to tell me how pleased he is with it. He is an amateur blacksmith himself, so he really appreciated good metalwork. He's especially impressed by the adjustability. He says it's ;an brilliant piece of engineering. 12/09/12

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My daughter gave me my "Master" I guess in 2000 because my parts list has "effective 1/1/2000 on it. I have been using it that long. I crack black walnuts and pecans regularly, It works great. Inm the last couple days I cracked a few pounds of pecans. I got 99% whole halves yields. How much better would you expect. The black walnuts I did today came out great-of course i t wasn't a surprise. What was a surprise was your website suggestion to lubricate the gears. I did not think about that. I am not sure I need it but will find some was and try it. 11/28/2012

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I have been cracking black walnuts for the last 2 weeks on the Master nutcracker, that I purchased from you this past summer. I am very impressed with the way that it works. What a difference from the way I crqcked them last year in a vise. I actuarlly enjoy spending time cracking the black walnuts this year. 11/10/2012

I just purchased and have received one of your Master nut crackers. I just wanted you to know how thrilled I am with it and how great it works!. I crcked the walnuts you sent and am looking forward to tackling the load of english walnuts I have drying/curing in the garage. Meanwhile, I cracked all the native pecans we had gathered from our tree. It was SO MUCH EASIER using the Master nut cracker than my hand cracker. Thank you, thank you. Cracking these nuts has become a pleasurable task instead of a dreaded one. 10/23/2012

 I love my Master Nut Cracker!. It works great. I did have a question for you though. I thought I was getting my walnuts clean byu running them in a cement mixed with rock, until I saw the ones you sent along with the nutcracker. Do you mind telling me how you get yours so clean?. 1021/2012

 My Master Nut Cracker arrived yesterday. I can finally enjoy my black walnut harvest. I see lots more nuts in my future!. Your were right. It was great for my hazels, even the tiny ones. 10/18/12

 The nut crackers arrived today.I set them up and tried about a dozen of my own black walnuts on one of them. What a difference from using a vise!. I thought the vise was better than using a hammer, but your nut cracker is easier and faster than the vise. I still would have to re-crack 3 or 4 times to get the nut meat out after the initial crack. But witrh your nut cracker anvils the whole nut is fractured on the first compression, what a difference!. I could thyen work out all the nutmeat pieces on the first crack! These are so much faster than a vise. I've been selling in-shell black walnuts at a farmers market here but i'm thinking I can now offer shelled black walnuts fairly reasonably to some of the folks who have been asking about it. 09/06/2012

Please send me your "football" variety if you have them. Those are incredible, very flavorful and easy to crack with your nut craker. I have had tht cracker for 10 years and it still works like new. 11/15/2013

 I really made a mistake!!. Should have ordered 2!. Great product. Thank you. 12/26/2012

,I received the Master Nut Cracker todayand am quite impressed with the craftmanship and there is a huge difference between this nut cracker verses the Chinese knockoff version.01/11/2013

Please send one nut cracker with black handle to: XXXX. This is our second one, the first one we gave to my mother-in-law and we keep borrowing it. We love it. No date....

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My father opened his master cracker last night and shelled his first batch of black walnuts today - while we watched it rain here in Alabama. He is thrilled with the ease of use, and the halves and quarter kernels he's getting. No more hammering walnuts against an anvil and smashing the meat. The story of your ingenuity and persistence in designing a great product and battling the Chinese knock offs makes him like his gift even more. Thank you for helping make our Christmas more memorable (remainder edited) 12/23/2014