I have a friend nut grower who will have many varieties of improved pecans for sale in a few weeks. Harvest is late this year, we have not had a hard freeze yet, it takes a good freeze to release the leaves. If interest give me a call and I will give you a contact number. His orchard is located near Joplin Missouri. 

Pecans and hybrids.
Pecans grow well in this area, even on upland soils providing there is enough soil depth for moisture retention during the dry summer months. You must be very selective in varieties to grow as well as to those which are resistant to disease and insects, especially if you do not want to follow a precise spray schedule. I recommend Kanza, Osage, and Mohawk. There are others that might do just as well but do lots of research before selecting. The ones recommended are very resistant to scab and weevil. I do not use any sprays and very seldom find a weevil. Success growing pecans will depend upon controlling squirrels, crows, and blue jays which will completely destroy your crop unless drastic measures are taken to control them.
Hicans, a gentic cross of pecan and hickory, both shag and shellbark. In my opinion not worth the effort. They are MULES. I have tried many of the most popular named varieties and not a single one has proved a reliable producer. Most are very prone to weevil infestation.
Last year the formerally super hican "JAMES" produced a good crop, most were unfilled. Again this year the trees have a heavy crop. The trees are over 35 years old.